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What is a paint correction and how does it benefit my cars appearance?

A paint correction is a meticulous process that involves removing imperfections from a car's paintwork, such as swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and oxidation. This process is typically achieved through a series of polishing and buffing techniques. The benefits of paint correction include restoring the paint's original shine and clarity, creating a flawless and mirror-like finish that enhances the car's overall appearance.

How Long does a paint correction usualy take?

The duration of a paint correction process varies depending on the condition of the car's paint and the extent of imperfections. For minor corrections, the process may take a few hours, while more extensive corrections could require a day or more. It's essential to prioritize the quality of the correction over the speed of the process to achieve the best results.

Can a paint correction completely remove all scratches and swirl marks?

While paint correction can significantly improve the appearance of scratches and swirl marks, complete removal depends on the depth and severity of the imperfections. In most cases, paint correction can dramatically reduce or diminish these defects, resulting in a significant improvement in the paint's appearance.

Will a paint correction damage my cars paint or clear coat?

When performed by a skilled and experienced professional, a paint correction process should not damage the car's paint or clear coat. On the contrary, paint correction is designed to restore and protect the paint by carefully removing only a thin layer of the clear coat. It is essential to trust the job to reputable detailers to ensure a safe and effective paint correction without compromising the integrity of your car's finish.Remember, proper paint correction not only enhances the aesthetics of your car but also helps maintain its value and protects the paint for years to come.

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Driven is the absolute best in the detail/car accessory business. I’ve been using their services for about six years now. They’re done vehicles wraps for me, detailing, window tinting, ceramic coating and every service they offer has been A+. Highly recommend their services!

Tarawa Cartwright
Philadelphia, PA
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Truly professional, knowledgeable, and honest service. I find them to be friendly, not overly friendly, where it isn't sincere. They fixed my tint, coated my interior, and did a detail on a vehicle for me. Will use whenever needed going forward.

Johntel Clark
Philadelphia, pA
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Excellent service and professionalism. The crew is super friendly and accommodating to your needs. Communication is top tier and they leave no room for mistakes or are quick to fix them. Definitely recommend Driven to everyone.

Nhi HO
Philadelphia, pA
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I reached out to Driven auto styling to see if they could grab me a allocation on a limited edition wrap color. They succeeded easily and my appointment was made. My GT-R came out perfect the edges are clean and the car looks fantastic. Communication was great during it's time there and the price was fair for the professional wrap job. Will definitely use their services again!

Wendell Murray
Philadelphia, PA
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I have been dealing with the owners for quite some time now. I have had two cars tinted and ceramic coated by them and will continue to bring all of my work to them. It's reassuring to hand the keys of your pride and joy to someone whose knowledgeable and appreciative towards the vehicle, and that's the service that they offer. Very happy to see that they have finally opened up their own place, and I wish them the best of luck. Can't wait to schedule my wrap appointment.

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Doug Popplewell
Philadelphia, PA
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I used Driven to install full vehicle PPF, chrome delete, window tint and ceramic coating on my new Tesla Model 3. From start to finish, my biggest compliment is their customer service. George and Tom texted, sent photos, etc. as if we were friends for years - that level of customer service for an expensive car and expensive install was very much appreciated. They're truly car guys and will give feedback for looks/products they've seen look good, work better, and more which was nice too.

Kyle C.
Philadelphia, pA